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Jul 5, 2013 7:00pm PDT
are all one, no, black, one, white, we are all one. >> reporter: march 23rd. president obama weighs in. >> my main message, to the parent of trayvon martin. if i had a son, he would look like trayvon. >> reporter: march 28th, george zimmerman's father speaks up about what his father told him about what happen that night? >> asking, do you have a [ bleep ]ing problem? george said, no, you don't have a problem and started to reach for his cell phone. at that point, he was punched in the nose, his nose was broken, and he was knocked to the concrete. >> reporter: april 11th, prosecutors charged george zimmerman with second degree murder in the shooting death of trayvon martin. >> today, we filed an information, charging george zimmerman with murder in the second dreg. i will confirm that mr. zimmerman is indeed in custody. >> we simply wanted that arrest. we wanted nothing more, nothing less. just an arrest, and we got it. and i say thank you. thank you, lord, thank you, jesus. >> may 15th, new information about the night trayvon martin was killed. a medical report reveals george zimmerman
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2 (some duplicates have been removed)